Sandy leave you STRANDED??

 The aftermath of Superstorm Sandy has left many travelers stranded and delayed due to airline cancellations. We are receiving multiple phone calls with questions about the claims process and what to do next.

Here are a few simple steps to follow in the event you have a claim.

  1. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!!! This is the MOST IMPORTANT step to filing a successful claim. It is much easier getting documentation from the airlines while you are standing in front of an actual person than to call the airline a week later and have them send it to you.
  2. Always call the 24/7 assistance line on your travel policy confirmation to initiate a claim. They will walk you through what documentation you will need to substantiate a claim.
  3. Keep Receipts! If you need to purchase food, lodging, travel accommodations while you are delayed – keep all of your receipts to turn into the claims department.
  4. File the claim… when you return home, you will need to contact the insurance carrier and file a claim. Most carriers have a simple process of downloading the claims forms online that you need to send in with all documentation. ** A claim can not be started without a signed claim form on file **
  5. Keep us in the loop! The staff at Insurance Consultants International is not the claims department and we do not pay out any claims, however we  are here to help answer and questions, help assist with the claims process, and follow up with you.

We are confident that these 5 steps will help guide the claims process with ease. Please note that when a catastrophic event occurs, such as a storm like this, happens the claims departments of all insurance carriers are bombarded with phone calls and pending claims… please understand this may effect the turn around time of your claim, but will be reviewed as quickly as possible.