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Seven Corners’ worldwide medical insurance provides long-term health coverage for international citizens who want U.S.-style health insurance benefits but don’t actually live in the United States. The overseas medical insurance plan covers someone in their home country and protects them abroad. This international insurance program offers true, global protection for the international community. The primary advantage of global insurance coverage is that the insured may travel to other countries to receive treatment through Seven Corners’ international provider network.

Reside Worldwide Medical Insurance

Best for: Individuals residing in foreign countries who desire the flexibility to travel while maintaining adequate protection. Scheduled benefits pay a pre-determined maximum amount per covered procedure.

Purchase Length:
Minimum Purchase: 1 year; Maximum Coverage: Lifetime (Must purchase before age 75) U.S. Citizens cannot be in the United States more than 180 days out of any given 364-day period. Non-U.S. Citizens may remain in the U.S. subject to specific requirements and limitations.