Renewal Information

Insurance Consultants International would like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to administer your international health insurance needs. We sincerely hope that you did not have to use the insurance. Hopefully that implies that you were healthy and free from injury. In the event you did have to file a claim, as your insurance agent, we would be interested in your experiences. Please email Lynette  if you need any assistance.



International Medical Group 

OPTION 1. Submit Renewal Notice Online
Please follow these steps when completing the online renewal forms:
1. Using your Internet browser, navigate to

2. Follow the instructions on the website to complete the renewal form. You will need your certificate number and date of birth.

OPTION 2. Renew by Fax or Email
Please follow these steps when completing the printed renewal forms:

1. Using your Internet browser, navigate to

2. Follow the instructions on the website to VIEW and print the renewal form.
3. Complete all sections of the printed renewal form, including any change of residence or mailing address.
4. Return the completed renewal form and premium via mail or fax no later than your renewal date referenced above.

HCC Medical Insurance Services 

1. Using your Internet Browser, navigate to 

2. Log in, simply enter your Certificate/ID number below along with your date of birth or password.

Client Zone is an online account management and resource tool that allows you to:

  • Change personal information
  • Renew coverage and reprint ID cards
  • Obtain details about claim filing, including downloading necessary forms
  • Pre-certify for certain medical procedures and hospitalizations
  • Locate providers within the PPO Network
  • Study destination, weather and travel security information using our Travel Intelligence and Planning System (TIPS)
  • Access health and wellness information
  • View and download brochures, obtain policy information, or get quotes for other products offered by HCCMIS

 Seven Corners 

1. Using your Internet Browser, navigate to

2. Log in, simply enter your Certificate/Member number below along with the Primary Insured’s date of birth.

If you happen to notice that your premium went up this year, some of the causes you may find are that the medical inflation index which your rates are figured continues to rise and you may also have graduated into a higher age bracket. As a member of an insurance pool, (thousands of people just like you), the loss ratios of the entire pool will also influence renewal rates as well as pre-existing conditions and maternity are covered in the second year of issued policies.

As a broker of numerous international health insurance plans, please refer to our website at or call us today  if you are interested in shopping for a new insurance plan that may have lower rates. Please be aware by  changing policies there is a twelve month waiting period on wellness benefits, pre-existing conditions, and possibly maternity. If you indeed have a pre-existing condition please consult Craig Robinson on options that may be available to you.

If you DO NOT intend to renew your policy, please send a short email notice to so we can mark your file.


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