Liaison Student Medical Insurance

Best for: Students who are traveling outside of their home country that are engaged in full time educational classes, and or research.

Coverage Period:
Up to 12 months Renewable as long as you still meet eligibility requirements (Up to age 65).


Key Highlights for Liaison Student

Benefits:Maximum Limit:
Accident and sickness medical maximumUp to $250,000
Deductible (per injury or illness)$0 - $100
MaternityCovered as any other illness
Alcohol and Drug abuseInpatient/Outpatient Coverage Available
Injuries from a motor vehicle accident$10,000 - up to policy maximum
Sports-related injuries$5,000 - up to policy maximum
Emergency medical evacuationUp to $100,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)Up to $10,000
Travel Assistance ServicesIncluded- Available 24/7/365


  • Underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London. Rated A (Excellent) by AM Best
  • Virtual ID cards available immediately after purchase
  • View the Liaison Student Brochure for details,restrictions and the schedule of benefits


Who is Eligible for Liaison® Student Medical Insurance?

Non-U.S. Citizens: This includes international students, visiting faculty, scholars or other persons age 12 and older who are temporarily residing outside their home country. The insured must remain engaged in full-time educational or research activities outside their home country during the period of coverage. Education or research activities shall mean the insured: 1) is enrolled and participating in an educational, vocational, cultural exchange or training program; and 2) has a valid J-1, H-3, F, M or Q Visa.

U.S. Citizens: This includes all U.S. students, visiting faculty, scholars or other persons with a current United States passport who are temporarily residing outside the United States and are engaged in full-time educational or research activities.

You may also choose to purchase coverage for your eligible dependents. This includes your legal spouse and your children who are unmarried, over 30 days of age and under 25 years if they are attending an accredited institution of higher learning on a regular full-time basis and/or are wholly dependent upon you for maintenance and support.