iTl Travel Lite Vacation Benefits

The Travel Lite Insurance plan is designed for travelers seeking to protect their trip investment against trip cancellation and trip interruption. It is our lowest priced travel insurance program and provides coverage for travel and baggage delay as well as access to our 24/7 emergency travel assistance service.

Trip Cancellation Trip Cost $25,000*
Trip Interruption 100% of Trip Cost*
Travel Delay $500 ($125 per Day)
Missed Connection $500
Change Fee $150
Reimbursement of Miles/Reward Points $75
Baggage Delay $150
Rental Car Damage $40,000
Coverage Type Secondary


Benefits are subject to all provisions, terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusion in the insurance policy.

*The Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption benefits are determined by the amount of Your trip You elect to protect, up to the maximum benefit stated above.  

Plan availability and benefits may change per State-please contact Insurance Consultants International for plan availability information at 1-800-576-2674.  

Travel Assistance Services are offered by iTravelInsured and are not insurance benefits. Insurance benefits are underwritten by the United States Fire Insurance Company. Fairmont Specialty and Crum & Forster are registered trademarks of United States Fire Insurance Company. The Crum & Forster group of companies is rated A (Excellent) by AM Best Company 2014.

Plan Information:

Emergency Sickness/Illness/Injury/Death
Hijacking, Medical Quarantine, Subpoena or Jury Duty
Home uninhabitable due to fire, flood, burglary or Natural Disaster
Cancel for Work Reasons
Direct involvement in an auto accident while enroute to schedule departure
Organized Labor Strike
Terrorist Incident
Inclement Weather and Natural Disaster
Revocation of previously granted military leave
Financial Default of Travel Supplier
Theft of passport or visa that prevents departure
Mandatory evacuation ordered by government authority due to adverse weather and Natural Disaster
Maximum Trip Duration 31 days
Maximum Age Insured 99
Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion Waiver Not available
Pre-Existing Condition Review Period 60 days
Premium Refunds Full refund if requested within 10 days of travel insurance purchase date
Postage/Processing Fee $5- Free if policy fulfillment is emailed to insured traveler
Latest date plan can be purchased 1 day before departure
24/7 Emergency Travel Assistance Included
Minimum Trip Cost to be insured $200
Coverage Type Secondary



  • Pre-existing conditions, (unless specifically covered as defined in the Certificate)
  • Intentionally self-inflicted harm, suicide or attempted suicide, by You, a Family Member, a Travel Companion or a Travel Companion’s Family Member
  • Pregnancy, fertility Treatments, childbirth or elective abortion, other than unforeseen complications of pregnancy, of You, a Family Member, a Travel Companion or a Travel Companion’s Family Member
  • Any Mental, Nervous or Psychological disorders or physical complications related thereto, of You, a Family Member, a Travel Companion or a Travel Companion’s Family Member
  • You being under the influence of intoxicating liquor (as determined by the jurisdiction where the loss occurred) or drugs other than drugs taken in accordance with Treatment prescribed and directed by a Physician
  • War (whether declared or undeclared), acts of war, military duty (unless specifically covered) or voluntary participation in a Civil Disorder or unrest
  • Participation in Professional or Amateur Athletics (including training)
  • Participation in any sporting, recreational, or adventure activity where such activity is undertaken against the advice or direction of any local authorities or any qualified instructor or contrary to the rules, regulations, recommendations and procedures of the recognized governing body of the area where such activity takes place
  • All extreme, high risk sports including but not limited to: bodily contact sports; skydiving; hang gliding; bungee jumping; parachuting; mountain climbing or other high altitude activities; caving; heli-skiing; extreme skiing or any skiing outside marked trails
  • Scuba diving (unless accompanied by a dive master and not deeper than 130 feet)
  • Operating or learning to operate any aircraft as pilot or crew
  • Nuclear reaction, radiation or radioactive contamination
  • Natural Disasters (unless specifically covered)
  • Epidemic
  • Pollution or threat of pollutant release
  • Commission of a violation of law by You, a Family Member, a Travel Companion or a Travel Companion’s Family Member, whether they are Insured or not, including without limitation, the engaging in an illegal occupation or act, but excluding minor traffic violations
  • Any known, expected or reasonably foreseeable events or conditions that would cause a loss or claim under the Certificate
  • Financial Default (except as defined in the Certificate).
    • If the Pre-existing Condition exclusion is not waived, coverage for a Pre-existing Condition is still possible as long as the condition was stable during the 60-day period immediately preceding the purchase of travel insurance and You are Medically Able to Travel.
    • The Financial Default peril is covered only if the travel insurance is purchased within 15 days of the date of the initial payment or deposit and the Financial Default occurs 30 days or more after the Coverage Effective Date.