International Auto Insurance for Organizations

WorldAuto® International Fleet Insurance Programfleet auto insurance

Commercial car and truck fleets represent valuable assets for companies with operations abroad. International roads are not always easily, or safely, navigable with potentially treacherous road conditions and inferior infrastructure which can cause significant damage to vehicles every day. Depending on the location of the vehicles, other risks also include car-jacking and theft.

To protect these assets, Clements Worldwide has designed a comprehensive WorldAuto® International Fleet Insurance program. The program offers borderless coverage with physical damage and liability coverage against every vehicle-related transportation hazard.

Whether your vehicle fleet is in the Middle East or Africa, we can create a customized insurance solution for your organization providing full protection for your fleet. With over 60 years of experience working with clients in conflict regions, Clements has the experience and expertise to provide organizations with the right coverage anywhere in the world.

Our Vehicle Fleet Policy Benefits Include:

  • Standardised coverage across all locations
  • One global policy offers streamlined policy administration and claims handling
  • Broad coverage for extreme risks including acts of war and terrorism
  • Borderless coverage – Coverage follows vehicle even if crossing into different countries
  • Worldwide jurisdiction – Protection regardless of where accident occurs, or a lawsuit is filed
  • Claims paid in Euro, USD and other major currencies
  • Defence costs paid in addition to liability limits

Case Study

On May 1, 2011, a prominent embassy in Tripoli, Libya, was overrun by looters following the fall of the Gaddafi regime. Twelve-foot walls and vehicular barriers could not prevent rioters from destroying 15 vehicles parked within the embassy compound. Fortunately, the vehicles were insured with up-to-date WorldAuto coverage from Clements that included a Political Violence Extension.

While other auto policies typically exclude damage incurred as a result of riots and acts of political violence, Clements offers a unique civil unrest extension that allows embassy employees to be compensated for the full value of their vehicles.Clements can work with you to create a WorldAuto program that meets your organization’s needs, budget and other requirements.