International Auto Insurance for Individuals

International Auto Insurance for individualsSince 1947, Clements has been exclusively dedicated to delivering the best international car insurance to expatriated individuals, worldwide.  Clements can protect your vehicle while you are overseas with comprehensive and affordable insurance –tailored-made for your needs– including Physical Damage coverage with automatic Political Violence protection. What’s more, Clements’ unsurpassed service and claims support has been widely recognized in the industry, which is why Clements is the insurer of choice to most diplomats and international executives around the world.

Clements’ international car insurance solutions provide the following coverage:

  • Physical Damage

Clements’ Physical Damage policy protects against collision, theft and damage, even political violence.  Clements customers also benefit from our “Accident Forgiveness” program, which means that your first accident would not affect your base rate. Depending on the local requirements of your destination, a Physical Damage policy should be combined with Third Party Liability or Excess Liability for additional supplemental coverage.

  • Third Party Liability

In many countries, Clements can provide the locally required Third Party coverage in conjunction with your existing Clements policy. With this policy, licensed drivers are covered for liability resulting from bodily injury and/or property damage to others.  Some countries may require that Third Party Liability policies be issued through a local insurance carrier.  If you face this scenario, Clements strongly recommends Physical Damage and Excess Liability to ensure you have seamless international, hard-currency coverage beyond the locally-required coverage.

  • Excess Liability

Often, Third Party Liability policies purchased through local providers do not provide an adequate level of coverage for expats. That means in case of an accident where there is liability exposure, basic local currency coverage most likely will be insufficient to settle all claims.  To eliminate such a potential gap in coverage, Clements’ supplemental Excess Liability insurance is an ideal solution for true peace of mind.

 Key Benefits Include:

  •  Accident Forgiveness — your low rate stays the same even after your first accident
  • Worldwide Liability Protection — you will still be covered if an accident-related case follows you back home
  • Universal Coverage — policy adjusts to minimum local liability requirement where applicable
  • Transit Coverage — all-risk, from departure to arrival
  • Fast & Efficient Claim Processing — reimbursements paid in Euro, USD and other major currencies


Features & Benefits

Clements’ provides comprehensive Physical Damage, Third Party Liability, and Excess Liability insurance for your vehicle abroad. Moreover, our plans are portable, so depending on your destination, Clements can ensure your car from one country to another with seamless care.

Clements international car insurance features and benefits include*:

  • Worldwide Liability Protection

Drive around the world with confidence knowing you are protected even if you are at fault in a collision or if an accident-related case follows you back home.

  • Physical Damage

Protects your vehicle from damage resulting from an accident. Clements strongly recommends to add the optional Third Party or Excess Liability coverage protection for you vehicle abroad.

  • NEW: Political Violence Coverage 

Damage to your car resulting from riots, strikes, terrorism and other perils are covered through Clements’ exclusive Political Violence insurance extension. Given newly emerging risks confronted by government personnel no vehicle should be without protection against losses due to riots, strikes, and other perils generated by political violence. This policy covers you against those risks, plus*:

  • Acts of Terrorism
  • Sabotage
  • Malicious Damage
  • Insurrection, Revolution, or Rebellion
  • Ensuing fire damage and ensuing loss by looting
  • Mutiny and/or Coup d’Etat
  • War and/or Civil War

*Exclusions apply. Please contact our representative for more details.

  • Third Party Liability

Protection against liability resulting from damage or injury to others, which in some countries is a mandatory local requirement.

  • Excess Liability

Clements provides up to USD 500,000 in additional coverage, anywhere in the world.     

  • Accident Forgiveness

Your rate stays the same even after your first accident.

  • Home Country Rental Car Reimbursement 

All auto policies include cost of renting an automobile during a leave back to your home country, for USD 12 per day up to 21 days in a policy period, which don’t have to be consecutive. OurPremier Option increases the coverage to USD 20 per day for a maximum of 21 days.

  • Superior customer service team – Offering fast and efficient claims processing.
  • Claims paid in USD and other major currencies
  • Covers towing and labor reimbursement of USD 100 per claim
  • Optional coverage for duty expenses

*Additional Terms & Conditions: 1. A deductible applies. 2. A standard war exclusion applies. 3. Coverage is excluded while the automobile is within the United States or Canada and their territories and possessions.



How do I know which coverage to choose?

Clements recommends purchasing Physical Damage and Third Party Liability for full comprehensive protection. However, for individuals residing in countries with local Third Party Liability requirements, a combination of Clements’ Physical Damage and Excess Liability polices is strongly recommended.

What are the coverage limits for Third Party Liability and Excess Liability?  

Coverage starts at USD 500,000 for Third Party Liability and USD 500,000 for Excess Liability.

What is Political Violence coverage? 

Clements car insurance policies automatically include Political Violence, which provides coverage in the event of: Riots, Strikes, Acts of Terrorism, Sabotage, Malicious Damage, Insurrection, Revolution, Rebellion, War and/or Civil War.

What is the Premier Option?

The Premier Option is available for current year or newer vehicles, when you elect Physical Damage & Excess Liability, or Physical Damage & Third Party Liability coverage. The endorsement provides the following:

  • Guaranteed value coverage for the first year of insurance.
  • Increased liability coverage, to USD 1 million.
  • Reimbursement of car rental expenses up to USD 20 per day for a max. of 21 days.

If I have an accident and I need a rental car at my destination, does Clements offer rental car reimbursement with its policies?

Clements offers car rental reimbursement for up to USD 30 per day for a maximum of 10 days while your car is in the shop. The policy does not provide insurance coverage on the rental vehicle, but simply reimburses you for the rental cost.