High Limit Accidental Death Plans

High Limit Accidental Death PlansAccidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) plans pay benefits if you should have a serious injury that results in dismemberment or loss of life. Loss of life benefits paid by these plans are in addition to any benefits paid by life insurance plans.

AD&D plans provide continuous 24/7 coverage or coverage specifically for flights. Review your Certificate of Insurance carefully before you purchase to make sure the coverage is enough for what you might need.

24/7 Protection

The 24/7 Travel Accident Protection plan provides coverage in the event you are injured or lose your life in an accident while traveling. You receive continuous coverage, from the time you leave until you return home. You can select your coverage amount up to $1 million.

This plan also offers the following optional coverage:

  • Medical Evacuation provides emergency medical evacuation to the nearest appropriate care facility.
  • Hazardous Sports & Activities coverage covers many sports activities typically excluded in most travel insurance plans.
  • War Risk coverage provides benefits when the accident is due to an act of war.

Flight Accident

Flight Accident plans provide coverage for injuries or loss of life that occur while traveling by plane. These plans provide coverage for domestic or international flights and can be purchased for single trips or with multi-trip coverage.

Some plans offer additional travel protections, such as travel baggage, medical, and medical evacuation.

Quotes for High Limit Plans

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