HCC Student Secure


Choosing among the seemingly endless list of international student health insurance plans can leave anyone’s head spinning. There are a lot of variations in coverage, not to mention technical terms you must navigate through. We try to make things a little simpler. Our StudentSecure® international student health insurance plan provides comprehensive medical coverage for full-time students or full-time scholars studying outside of their home country. With geographic coverage and two levels of coverage to choose from, you can almost certainly find what you need, at a price you can afford. Plus, all of our international plans come with our worldwide provider network, CMN, offering our members in the US even more opportunities to save on out-of-pocket expenses.

Who Would Benefit From a StudentSecure® Plan

  • Full-time students/scholars
  • Foreign undergraduate or graduate student studying in the US
  • US students studying abroad
  • International scholars
  • F1 Visa holders

Key Benefits of HCC StudentSecure Plan

Meets student visa requirements for J-1Yes
Savings for paying full premium in advanceYes
Optional coverage levelsYes
Pre-existing condition coverageYes
Coverage available for dependent(s) and/or spouseYes
Maternity and newborn careYes
Coverage while in your home countryPartially

Our StudentSecure® plans also come with our full line of travel assistance services, available 24/7. To access these services or to address any questions or needs regarding your policy, simply contact our World Service Center. They are available 365 days a year and can support multiple languages.