HCC Medical Insurance Services Claims Information

If you have a plan through HCC and you need to file a claim, they have various claim forms which are available here as well as directly on their website at http://www.hccmis.com/downloads/#claims.

HCC Claim Forms

Claim Forms
Claimant’s Statement (Standard Form) PDF (164.01 KB)
Non US Claim Form PDF (102.43 KB)
Dental Claim Form PDF (160.49 KB)
Accident Questionnaire PDF (118.25 KB)
Trip Cancellation Series HTML
CorpsCare HTML


It is always a good idea to remember to submit your bills and receipts as soon as you receive them.

You can always contact us for help with claims at 1-800-576-2674 or you may contact HCC directly at (800) 605-2282