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Each traveler is required to have “travel insurance” for the duration of the trip. Global Signature Services Agency secures this insurance on your behalf prior to your arrival. There is no discount for providing your own or additional insurance coverage.

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Insurance Consultants International

GSSA partners with Insurance Consultants International to provide affordable and professional travel insurance to our international travelers.

The following HCC Atlas Group Travel plans have been created specifically for GSSA travelers. Please review the benefit summaries below as well as carefully read the policy wording associated with each plan before you travel.

If you have any questions regarding coverage, please call Insurance Consultants at 1-800-576-2674. We are here to help!



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Syndicate 4141 at Lloyd’s, London insures the plan. Lloyd’s is the largest and oldest insurance market in the world and is rated ‘A’ (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company and ‘A+’ (Strong) by Standard & Poor’s. Lloyd’s provides financial strength and security that is unparalleled in the worldwide insurance market. Lloyd’s is recognized as a market leader in the accident and health insurance arena and is well-known for its innovative products and services. Presently, Lloyd’s provides accident and health insurance to millions of individuals in almost every country of the world.

Eligible Expenses

  1. Inpatient and Outpatient charges made by a Hospital.
  2. Charges made by a Physician, surgeon, radiologist, anesthesiologist, and any other medical specialist to whom the Physician has referred the case.
  3. Charges made for dressings, sutures, casts or other supplies prescribed by the attending Physician or specialist, but excluding nebulizers, oxygen tanks, diabetic supplies and all devices for repeat use at home.
  4. Charges for diagnostic testing using radiology, ultrasonographic or laboratory services.
  5. Charges for oxygen and other gases and anesthetics and their administration.
  6. Charges for prescription drugs for treatment of a covered Injury or Illness, but not for the replacement of lost, stolen, damaged, expired or otherwise compromised drugs.
  7. Charges made by a licensed Extended Care Facility upon direct transfer from an acute care Hospital.
  8. Emergency local ambulance transport incurred in connection with Injury or Illness (must result in inpatient hospitalization if illness).

All benefits are based on Usual, Reasonable and Customary charges. Hospital Room and Board is based on the Average Semi-private room and board rate.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

In the event of your Accidental Death (except while travelling on a common carrier) or Dismemberment resulting from a covered Injury, the Plan will provide the following benefit:

Accidental Death – Principal Sum to the Beneficiary

Loss of 2 eyes or 2 or more limbs – Principal Sum to the member

Loss of 1 eye or 1 limb – One Half of the Principal Sum to the member

Age 0 to 17 $2,000

18-69 $10,000

The Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit is not available for losses incurred during participation in a Hazardous Sport or in respect to losses resulting from an Act of Terrorism.

The Beneficiary for members age 18 or older will be as follows:

  1. Spouse (if any) 2.Children (if any) 3.Estate of the member.

The Beneficiary for members under age 18 will be as follows:

  1. Custodial Parent(s) 2.Siblings (if any) 3.Estate of the member.


Organized Sports Coverage Limit

The Maximum amount covered for injury or illness resulting from Amateur Athletics or Contact Sports.

Co-payment for Emergency Treatment

Emergency treatment of an Injury, even if Hospital confinement is not required; and Emergency treatment of an Illness; subject to Emergency Room Co-Payment as outlined in the Schedule of Benefits and Limits.  Emergency Room Co-Payment is waived when the Member is directly admitted to the Hospital as Inpatient for further treatment of that Illness.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

If recommended by your attending Physician, who certifies that Evacuation is necessary to safeguard your life and that Medically Necessary treatment is not available locally, and if approved in advance and coordinated by HCC Medical Insurance Services, the  Plan will provide the following benefits: Emergency air and/or ground transportation to the nearest Hospital that is qualified to provide the Medically Necessary treatment.

Repatriation of Remains

In the event of a covered Injury or Illness resulting in a member’s death, the Plan will provide the following benefit: Air and/or ground transportation of bodily remains or ashes to the area of the member’s Principal Residence, and reasonable costs of preparation of remains necessary for transportation.

Emergency Reunion

In the event of a covered Emergency Medical Evacuation, the Plan will provide the following benefits: The cost of an economy round-trip air and/or ground transportation ticket for one of the member’s relatives (parent, spouse, sibling or child age 18 or older) for transportation to the area where the member is hospitalized following Emergency Medical Evacuation and reasonable expenses for lodging and meals for the relative for a period not to exceed 15 days. or admitted to an Intensive Care Unit

Emergency Room Deductible

Charges for use of the emergency room for an illness will be subject to a Deductible unless the Member is directly admitted to the Hospital as Inpatient for further treatment of that Illness. Injuries will not be subject to the ER deductible.

Emergency Dental

The following Emergency Dental expenses are covered: Emergency Dental treatment and Dental surgery necessary to restore or replace sound natural teeth lost or damaged in an Accident which is covered under this insurance subject to the Overall Maximum Limit; and Emergency Dental treatment necessary to resolve acute, spontaneous and unexpected onset of pain subject to a maximum benefit of $250. Treatment for an acute onset needs to be sought within 24 hours of the onset of pain for coverage.

Travel Assistance Services

24/7 Worldwide Travel and Medical Assistance

Plan includes valuable travel and medical assistance services, which are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact HCCMIS to access any of these services.

Pre-Trip Destination Information — Up-to-date information regarding the required vaccinations, health risks, travel restrictions, and weather conditions specific to your destination country

 Medical Monitoring — Consultations with attending medical professionals during your hospitalization and establishment of a single point-of-contact for family members to receive ongoing updates regarding your medical status

Provider Referrals — Contact information for Western-style medical facilities and medical and dental practices and pharmacies in your destination country where English is spoken

Travel Document Replacement – Assistance with obtaining replacement passports, birth certificates, visas, airline documents, and other travel-related documents

Lost Luggage Assistance – Tracking service to assist in locating luggage or other items lost in transit.

Other travel and medical assistance services available include:

Prescription Drug Replacement

Emergency Travel Arrangements

Dispatch of Physician

Translation Assistance

Credit Card/Traveler Check Replacement

Pre-notification Requirements

All Hospitalizations, Surgeries, Emergency Evacuations, Emergency Reunions, Trip Interruptions, Repatriation of Remains, Computerized Tomography (CAT Scan) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) must be Prenotified. Simply call, or have your Physician call, HCC Medical Insurance Services with all information relative to your claim. If you do not Pre-notify, medical expenses will be reduced by 50% and all other expenses will be forfeited.