Global Medical Insurance

 A long-term, annually renewable, comprehensive worldwide medical insurance program for individuals and families.


  • Coverage for individuals or families living or working abroad
  • Contract employees living and working abroad
  • Seniors with dual residencies six months or longer outside the U.S.


  • Four unique plan designs – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum (See Below)
  • Optional riders: Global Term Life Insurance, Dental/Vision,  Terrorism, and Adventure Sports
  • Choice of coverage area to reflect your geographical area of need
  • Flexible underwriting that fits your needs
  • Emergency benefits by accredited on-site clinical staff
  • Premium modes to schedule the frequency of payment that meets your needs
  • Multiple deductible options to accommodate your financial resources
  • Freedom to choose your own health care provider wherever your are in the world

New Enhancements to the GMI Plan!

  • Adult Wellness will begin at age 19 instead of age 30
  • Deductible requirements for treatment outside the U.S. have decreased
  • New hospital indemnity cash benefits give your customers more opportunities to save money when receiving treatment outside the U.S.
  • A brand new Bronze plan offers the most economical global coverage of all IMG plans for those seeking affordable benefits for inpatient care.
  • A $25,000 deductible option has been added to Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum plans.

Download Global Medical Insurance BENEFITS

Download Global Medical Insurance Paper Application

Four Unique Plan Designs:

  • Bronze plan option – Designed to protect against catastrophic events while keeping budget in mind, this plan is ideal for those who simply require coverage for hospitalization and international emergency assistance benefits, such as an emergency medical evacuation.
  • Silver plan option – Affordable medical security designed for the more budget-conscious consumer and those planning to receive care in lower cost areas of the world. Silver offers a wide range of scheduled benefits equipped to meet your essential needs.
  • Gold plan option – Ideally suited for those who desire full major medical coverage, but for a limited period of time. Gold provides comprehensive benefits for the first three years of coverage. After three years, certain benefits are reduced (see Summary Schedule of Benefits). As a result, Gold is priced more competitively than the Gold Plus option.
  • Platinum plan option – Provides the superior benefits package for the most discerning global consumer. Platinum offers a package of enhanced benefits and services. It is designed for the consumer who wants the convenience of comprehensive medical, dental, and vision benefits in one plan.


Optional Riders – All plan options offer additional, optional overages.

Global Medical Insurance is designed to help protect individuals and families from the high cost of medical expenses. In addition to tailored benefits packages, the program offers several optional coverages. You may review and choose any from the following list that meet your needs. To apply, simply add in the appropriate information and premiums, as outlined in the application, into the calculation for the total premium due.

Global Term Life Insurance (Including AD&D)

Global Term Life Insurance
Age Principal Sum
(per unit)
31 days – 18 $5,000
19-29 $75,000
30-39 $50,000
40-44 $35,000
45-49 $25,000
50-54 $20,000
55-59 $15,000
60-64 $10,000
65-69 $7,500
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Included with Global Term Life Insurance
Accidental Loss of Life Principal Sum*
Accidental Total Loss of 2 Members** Principal Sum*
Accidental Total Loss of 1 Member** 50% of Principal Sum*
*Benefit based on age at time of death.
** “Member” means hand, foot or eye.

Terrorism Rider (Available on Platinum Only) : $50,000 lifetime maximum for Eligible Medical Expenses arising out of Injury or Illness incurred by the Insured as a result of or in connection with an act of terrorism. (Refer to rider for more details)

Adventure Sports Rider (Available on the Gold Plus & Platinum plans only) : $25,000 lifetime coverage for adventure sports. (Refer to rider for a comprehensive list of adventure sports excluded)

Dental/Vision Rider (Available on the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold Plus Plans)


  • $750 calendar maximum
  • $50 deductible (max. 2 per family)
  • Class I – 90% (deductible is waived),
  • Class II – 70%, Class III – 50%
  • 6 month waiting period


  • Exams – up to $100
  • per 24 months
  • Materials – up to $150
  • per 24 months