IMG Global Medical Enhancements

As a recognized industry leader, providing world-class products and services, we are pleased to announce the addition of a group option to the following plans: Global Medical Insurance® (GMI), Global Missionary Medical InsuranceSM (GMMI), and Global Crew Medical Insurance® (GCMI).
The new Global Group option is designed for two or more individual insureds (members). The advantages of Global Group are:

  • All individual insureds (members) can be combined onto one convenient bill
  • Provides monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment options
  • Allows members to be added or removed
  • Each member can choose the best plan design (Silver, Gold, Gold Plus, or Platinum) and deductible option ($100 – $10,000) for his/her specific need
  • Since the Global plans are still individual plans, each member has the option to keep his/her plan in-force even if he/she is no longer part of the sponsoring group
  • Global Group creates an alternative to The Global Employer’s OptionSM (GEOSM Group)

Riders – We will be adding the Sports Rider currently available on the Platinum plan option to the Gold Plus plan option.

Rates – We will be holding the rates on the Silver and Gold plan options. Also, in order to stay competitive with the marketplace, we’ll be decreasing and increasing rates in the Gold Plus and Platinum plan options.


  • Global Medical Insurance – Platinum Plan

  • Global Medical Insurance - Platinum Plan

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  • Administrator: International Medical Group (IMG)
    Carrier: Sirius Int'l -- AM Best Rating: A "Excellent"
    New Option, More Benefits!
    Partial listing of New Platinum Benefits
    • $8,000,000 Policy Maximum
    • Several Deductible Choices
    • Maternity Coverage
    • Political Evacuation
    • Vision 
    • Dental
    • Global Concierge and Assistance Team
  • Global Medical Insurance – Silver Plan

  • Global Medical Insurance - Silver

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  • Administrator: International Medical Group (IMG)
    Carrier: Sirius Int'l --AM Best Rating: A "Excellent"
    The Silver Plan offers fixed or scheduled benefits in return for lower affordable insurance premiums...
    Click Here for comparison to IMG's Global Medical GOLD, GOLD PLUS, and PLATINUM plans.

For more information on these enhancements, please call us at 1-800-576-2674