Care Plan

The Care Plan is our base-level international healthcare plan, offering expats a comprehensive insurance package, including full emergency room, surgery and outpatient medication benefits, along with Emergency Medical Evacuation.

Plan highlights*

  • $1,000,000 in lifetime maximum
  • Worldwide coverage (U.S. optional)
  • $5000 Deductible
  • Hospitalization (private room)
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Emergency Room coverage
  • Outpatient Medication
  • Optional Maternity benefits
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation

Download CARE Plan Summary of Benefits including the US 

Download Signature CARE Plan Summary of Benefits excluding the US

Benefits of CARE Plan

BenefitsCare Option
Coverage AreaTwo Options: Worldwide Coverage or Worldwide Excluding the US
Lifetime Maximum Benefits$1,000,000
Family Deductible3 times the individual Deductible
Coinsurance (Applied only when in the US)20% up to $1,000 per year
Inpatient Benefits
Hospitalization$600 per day, up to 240 consecutive days
Intensive Care Unit (ICU)$1,500 per day, up to 180 consecutive days
Transplant$250,000 per Transplant
Outpatient Benefits
Doctor Visits$70 per Visit, up to 25 visits per period of coverage
Outpatient Surgery$500 per event
Outpatient Medication (RX)100%
Laboratory Tests$300 per Exam
X-Rays, MRI and CT scans$250 per Exam
Emergency Room100%
Local Ambulance$1,500 per Event
Mental and NervousIncluded with Outpatient Doctor Visits
Radiation Treatment100%
Home Nursing30 days per covered Event
Hospice Care30 days per covered Event
Prosthetic Devices100%
Physical Therapy$40 per Visit, 30 Visits per period of coverage
Dental and Vision Benefits
Emergency Dental due to Accident$1,000 per period of coverage
Maternity Benefits
Benefit Available after 12 months of coverage$5,000 normal delivery, $7,500 C-section, $50,000 Lifetime Maximum (if optional maternity rider is purchased)
Pre-Existing Conditions
Coverage Available after 24 months of coverage$5,000 per period of coverage$50,000 Lifetime Maximum
Additional Benefits
Emergency Medical Evacuation$50,000 per period of Coverage
Return of Mortal Remains$25,000