Azimuth Meridian Essential and Enhanced


The Meridian Difference

There are different choices available to you in the international medical insurance market; the key is selecting an insurance provider which you can be confident will be available to you at your time of need, which understands the culture of international living and has the security to weather the financial environment in the world as it is today. By choosing either Meridian Essential or Meridian Enhanced, you can be certain that you have made the correct selection on all counts.

Meridian Essential

The Meridian Essential plan provides a premium menu of essential, generous, yet affordable benefits. If great value at a price which will still allow room for the rest of life’s expenses is vital to you, the Meridian Essential plan is the right fit for you.

Meridian Enhanced

The Meridian Enhanced plan offers the premier benefits available in the international medical insurance market today. If it is important to you that only the best medical insurance plan will be sufficient for you, the Meridian Enhanced plan provides the richest in benefits while still offering you the kind of quality premium value that only Azimuth is able to provide.

Key Bene­fits

Emergency Medical Evacuation

In the event you suffer a life threatening injury or illness, the Meridian Series providers benefits that are prepared to respond in a time of crisis. Emergency medical evacuation provides transportation to the nearest facility that is equipped to properly care for your condition. This does not necessarily mean a return to your home country, any specific country or territory as the condition may demand treatment in the most timely manner possible, which would not be the case if it was necessary for for you to be repatriated. To be eligible for coverage all emergency medical evacuations must be pre-notified and arranged by Azimuth Risk Solutions.

Emergency Reunion

We know it is important not to feel alone at a time of crisis, so the Meridian Series provides coverage to transport an immediate family member or friend to you bedside in the event you are medical evacuated. The Meridian Series will pay for round trip air or ground travel as well as lodging and meals for up to 15 days so that you will have companionship during your recovery.

Family Friendly Rates

International living can be financially challenging for a family and that Meridian Series helps make insurance affordable. Thanks to our First Two Free feature, families enjoy the benefit of having the first two children under age 10 covered at no extra charge if both parents are insured on the same plan!

Optional Dental Rider

Azimuth wants to make you smile and the optional dental rider can help keep that smile looking great. By selecting the optional benefit plan, you can protect yourself from high dental costs.

24/7 Emergency Call Center

Never worry about getting lost in voicemail while you are many time zones away.A caring, helpful voice on the other end of the phone is always ready to help

Lost Baggage Tracking

If you’ve ever had to chase down your airline baggage department to find out where your luggage may have gone, you will appreciate our ability to do so on your behalf. Enjoy your travel without having to make multiple phone calls to get updates on your baggage delivery

Medical Referrals

Need a doctor or the nearest hospital? One free call gets you the information you need

Travel Advisories

Get in the know, before you go; call us to learn areas to avoid, travel delays, weather alerts and more

Much, much, more


In order to receive complete benefits, hospital admissions, trip interruptions, repatriation of mortal remains, emergency medical evacuations, any Inpatient or Outpatient Surgery or procedure indicated in the Evidence of Insurance, must be per-notified by contacting Azimuth Risk Solutions prior to receiving services. In the case of emergency hospital admission, Azimuth must be contacted within the first 48 hours of admission or as soon as reasonably possible. Pre-notification is not a guarantee of benefits.

Preferred Provider Network

Taking advantage of Azimuth’s Preferred Provider Network (PPO), provides the benefit of an extensive network of licensed physicians, hospitals and facilities to meet you healthcare needs throughout the US, as well as reducing your out-of-pocket expenses. When traveling outside of the US, you may access care anywhere of you choosing.

Pre-existing Coverage – Meridian Essential: After 728 days of continuous coverage, the Essential plan provides $10,000 Sub-Limit per coverage period, $50,000 Maximum Sub-Limit for treatment of a pre-existing condition if properly disclosed at the time of application and has not been excluded or limited by a medical rider.

Pre-existing Coverage – Meridian Enhanced: After 364 days of continuous coverage the Enhanced plan provides you with coverage that is equal to any other Illness or Condition if properly disclosed at the time of application and is not excluded or limited by a medical rider.

Illness or Surgery within 180 Days: Illness waiting period – for 180 days from your Effective Date, the following are ineligible for coverage: asthma, allergies, any condition of the breast, any condition of the pro-state, tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, hemorrhoids or hemorrhoidectomy, disorders of the reproductive system, diverticulitis, hysterectomy, hernia, intervertebral disc disease, gall stones or kidney stones.

Note: Coverage and/or benefi­ts for these Illnesses or Surgeries (or for similar or different Illnesses or Surgeries) may be separately or further limited and/ or excluded under the Pre-existing Conditions exclusion and de­finition.


Who Is Eligible for the Meridian Series?

Clients who qualify medically and are more than 14 days old and under the age of 65 who either live outside of the United States, or who would not qualify for a US domestic health insurance plan as a result of their citizenship status would be able to apply for the plan and once accepted, would be able to continue indefinitely with no medical questions subject to the terms of the Evidence of Insurance. Those clients who qualify medically and are accepted on the plan after the age of 65 would be able to continue on their plan up to their 75th birthday. If you are a US citizen, you must depart the US within 30 days of your Effective Date for each Coverage Period of insurance and within 30 days of your continuation of coverage date.

Who Insures This Plan?

The preeminent name in international insurance is Lloyd’s, London. This largest, oldest and most respected insurance market is the insurer on all Azimuth Risk Solutions plans. You will have the security of knowing that you are working with an insurer which has paid every valid claim presented to it for more than 325 years. Lloyd’s is ‘A’ rated by AM Best and Standard & Poor’s for their superior ability to pay claims. Who Is Azimuth Risk Solutions? Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Azimuth Risk Solutions (Azimuth) is a service-first organization formed by professionals with nearly 30 years in the international insurance industry to provide simply the best value combination of product offering, administration and support after the sale of international health, travel and life insurance products. If it’s important to you to do business with an organization that is committed both to service excellence, ethical conduct and philanthropic pursuits, Azimuth is the choice to meet your requirements. Azimuth is a Coverholder for our insurer, certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s London and the Scheme Administrator for the Meridian Series.