Atlas Multi-Trip

Who Would Benefit From an Atlas MultiTrip™ Plan?

Business Executives: In a globally connected world, international travel is no longer an activity reserved for the Fortune 100. Instead, companies of all sizes and industries are expanding beyond not just their state, but beyond their country. With this worldwide commerce comes the increasing need for affordable international travel medical insurance for business executives. Atlas MultiTrip is a solution.

Sales Professionals: Successful sales teams find themselves not only traveling overseas for business, but also for pleasure as they enjoy incentive trips and vacations. Keeping up with clients and prospective clients is a juggling act. Making sure you are covered at a moment’s notice for a trip abroad is not something that needs to be added to the mix. Atlas MultiTrip allows you to purchase 364 days of coverage for a one-time fee and have one less reminder alert on your cell phone.

International Travelers: For some, now is the time to fulfill those aspirations of seeing the world. So for the international traveler who makes multiple international trips a year, Atlas MultiTrip is an affordable and convenient option for your travel medical insurance. You get most of the great benefits of our popular Atlas Travel plan, but with only one application and an entire year of coverage for a low rate. So apply today and get back to planning your next trip.

Savvy business executives know that time management is critical to success. Whether you are a busy executive traveling for an important last-minute business meeting, a globe-trotting journalist covering the latest story, or in international sales closing big deals on every continent, Atlas MultiTrip is with you almost anywhere on the planet you may go.

Key Benefits of an Atlas MultiTrip Plan

Atlas MultiTrip is an annual insurance plan designed for the traveling executive taking multiple trips of up to 30 days or 45 days, whichever you elect, throughout the year. With Atlas MultiTrip, you have the convenience of a one-time payment and coverage is ensured for any number of last minute international trips. International coverage is available to employees and their families.

There are so many great benefits and features with the Atlas MultiTrip travel medical insurance plan, but here are just a few we think you should know about:

Brief SummaryProvided?
A full year of coverageYes: See the Description of Coverage for more details.
Coverage available for dependent(s) and/or spouseYes: See the Description of Coverage for more details.
Guarantee CoverageYes: No medical underwriting for eligible individuals applies.See the Description of Coverage for more details.
Acute Onset of Pre-existing Conditions (excludes chronic and congenital conditions)Limited Coverage:  Up to medical coverage maximum for eligible medical expenses recurring due to the acute onset of a pre-existing condition, and $25,000 for eligible emergency medical evacuation related to pre-existing condition. Excludes chronic and congenital conditions. See the Description of Coverage for full eligibility requirements
Emergency medical evacuationsYes: A $1,000,000 lifetime maximum for emergency medical evacuation or a $25,000 maximum for emergency evacuation due to an acute onset of a pre-existing condition applies. For more plan details, please review the Description of Coverage.
Political evacuationsYes: A $10,000 lifetime maximum for political evacuation applies. See the Description of Coverage for more details.)
Sports coverageYes: Coverage of certain extreme or adventure sports activities is included with Atlas MultiTrip. See the Description of Coverage for more details.
Terrorism coverageYes: Terrorism coverage is included with Atlas MultiTrip. See the Description of Coverage for more details.
Crisis Response - Ransom, Personal Belongings, and Crisis Response Fees and ExpensesYes: $10,000 maximum per certificate period.

Optional Crisis Response buy-up with Natural Disaster Evacuation Coverage: $90,000 per certificate period, with $10,000 maximum for Natural Disaster Evacuation. See the Description of Coverage for more details.
Personal Liability benefitYes: Atlas MultiTrip provides a $10,000 Personal Liability benefit to offset member expenses due to third-party injury or damage/loss of third-party property or related-third-party personal property. This benefit applies only for court-entered eligible judgments or approved settlements.

Optional Personal Liability buy-up of $90,000 to Lifetime Maximum of $100,000 available. See the Description of Coverage for more details.

To check out our full portfolio of travel assistance services and more on the Atlas MultiTrip plan, get a free, no-obligation quote and see what is available for you. Don’t forget to check out the optional sports and terrorism protection riders to add to your plan.

As with all of our international plans, Atlas MultiTrip comes with our superior 24/7 customer service, supported through our World Service Center . With just one call you can get assistance with travel emergencies, claims questions, finding a doctor internationally and more – all complimentary and available in several different languages.

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