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Dear Antioch Global Field Staff ,

Expats have to learn the ropes of new cultures, rules, policies, standards, laws, etc. when moving overseas. It can all
be confusing and a trial by error, learn- as- you -go experience. The last thing we want is for you to have that same
experience with your health plan. We are here to help!

So with that said … let’s talk about prescriptions and over the counter drugs and medicines.

1) In many parts of the world, you can purchase pharmaceuticals that would require a prescription in the USA.
While that may be convenient, unfortunately to have your insurance policy cover the cost you will need a
prescription from a licensed medical professional.

2) So how do you use your IMG Prescription Drug Benefit Program? Attached to this email are the instructions
on how to purchase using the Universal RX program. Here are the basic choices (more detail in the

a) When you are inside the USA you need to use one of the pharmacies that can be found here:
Co-Pays apply… (see attached )

b) When you purchase medications from overseas pharmacies and need to be reimbursed, submit these
receipts as a claim.

c) When your prescriptions are not available overseas, you will use the ONLINE Expatriate Prescription Services
Program ( Prescriptions can be faxed or scanned.

The EPS Pharmacy vendors have experience in delivering prescription drugs to more than 160 countries
worldwide. The EPS program uses several safe and reliable delivery carriers and your order can be tracked
online. Fastest and most direct shipping routes are utilized and Overnight Priority Shipping is available to
some countries.

Click here to access the pharmacy card

If you have additional question feel free to contact Melissa or me:

Craig Robinson—Managing General Agent
719-573-9080 ext. 101
Skype- craig.robinson-ici

Contact Craig with any insurance questions on benefits or additional coverage

Melissa Hinckfoot—Client Relations
719-573-9080 ext. 104
Skype- melissa.hinckfoot

Contact Melissa with any claims, refunds, administration issues, or general insurance questions