Antioch Global Overseas Incentives

Dear Antioch Global Field Staff,

It is no secret that the USA Healthcare system is broken! While the intent of revamping the system may
have been noble; the reality is that the delivery of medical care in the USA has become incredibly
expensive. Some of the reasons that are attributable for this are:

• HIPPA – Hospitals are being built throughout the US because “semi-private” rooms are no longer!
Patient confidentiality requires private rooms and this adds to the overall cost of health care.
• PPACA-ACA- or “Obamacare”—however you refer to it, this legislation has created huge cost to
the delivery of healthcare. In 2018 billions of dollars in taxes will be added to premiums.
• Higher Pharmacy cost as drug companies try to absorb the high FDA cost through higher prices.
• Malpractice Insurance premiums skyrocketing due to increased litigation.
• Higher Emergency Room cost because of uninsured or non-citizen usage.
• 100% Wellness Benefits for 126 items. Coverage for under 26 yr. old’s even if married.
• Unlimited Lifetime Max and No Pre-Existing exclusions or Underwriting.

Group Health Plans like any other insurance is a matter of economics. Insurance companies are in the
business to make a reasonable profit (competition is the natural checks and balance). If a book of
business has excessive claims versus the premiums they take in, then they are forced to raise rates.
Keep in mind that your plan is designed for worldwide coverage! The choice is up to you! If you are willing
to receive your medical treatment overseas, IMG is offering the following financial incentives:

Overseas Incentives:
• If you elect to have an inpatient hospital stay overseas, then IMG will give you $400 per
night in addition to paying your eligible medical expenses. If you choose a government
run facility they will pay you $500 (both up to 10 nights). You do not have to apply for
this, as IMG will compensate you automatically.
• Medical Travel-This benefit is designed to reward the insured who elects to receive
certain non-emergency medical procedures overseas where medical care is generally
less expensive than in the U.S. You can also participate in the savings up to $7,500.
• In 2020, there will be a $1000.00 deductible and no co-insurance on treatment
Medical Concierge (in the USA) …see attached.
• Your deductible both in the US and international is $1000 with an accumulative maximum of
two deductibles per family. Your co-insurance after deductible is paid inside the US PPO will be
20% (or $1,000) of the next $5,000 of eligible medical expenses. If you go out of the network, it
is 40% (or $2,000) of $5,000.
• *If you use the Medical Concierge inside the USA (see attached) you will only pay 15% of the
next $5,000 or $750.
• Why did they create the Medical Concierge? Because you can have the same doctor doing the
same procedure and have drastically different cost at different facilities (in the same town).

Many of you probably are thinking where does this all end. Do our rates just keep going up?
Until there is a “miracle” solution, this is a matter we all must address and monitor. Our goal is
to help maintain or even reduce your premium rates. It is incumbent on all of us to help manage
claims. The saying in insurance is, “Claims Drive Rates, Behavior Drive Claims, Incentives/Money
Drives Behavior”. Therefore IMG, MCN, Melissa and I have been working behind the scenes to
bring you solutions to this challenge.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Melissa or me:

Craig Robinson—Managing General Agent
719-573-9080 ext. 101
Skype- craig.robinson-ici

Contact Craig with any insurance questions on benefits or additional coverage

Melissa Hinckfoot—Client Relations
719-573-9080 ext. 104
Skype- melissa.hinckfoot

Contact Melissa with any claims, refunds, administration issues, or general insurance questions