Antioch Global Introduction

Dear Antioch Global Field Staff,

Hi, my name is Craig Robinson and I am the Managing General Agent and Owner of Insurance Consultants International. On behalf of my staff, I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve your insurance needs.

As your agent for the Antioch Global Group Health Plan, I will be helping you understand what your global health plan is all about and how you can use it to benefit you the most.

We have put together these brief summaries on the following topics which can be found on this webpage:

  • MyIMG – How to use your client portal for information
  • Deductibles and Co-insurance
  • Claims – the easiest way to file
  • Mail Order Pharmacy– how to get prescriptions delivered to your front door!
  • Overseas Incentives and Medical Concierge
  • Wellness– wellness benefits are offered to keep you healthy! Please use!!
  • Pre-Certification—What is it? When do I need to use it?

Your main point of contact at IMG:

Customer Care Department: 800-628-4664 or 317-655-4500 (collect if needed)

A wealth of information can also be found at

Feel free to contact Melissa or me:

Craig Robinson—Managing General Agent
719-573-9080 ext. 101
Skype- craig.robinson-ici

Contact Craig with any insurance questions on benefits or additional coverage

Melissa Hinckfoot—Client Relations
719-573-9080 ext. 104
Skype- melissa.hinckfoot

Contact Melissa with any claims, refunds, administration issues, or general insurance questions