Antioch Global Deductibles & Co-Insurance

Dear Antioch Global Field Staff,

We want to familiarize you with your Deductibles and Co-Insurance.

  • $1000 deductible per person inside the USA with an 80%/20% co-insurance for the first $10,000 of eligible medical expenses. Your share of the co-insurance is 20% or a potential $2,000 if expenses run up to $10,000.
  • $1000 deductible per person outside the USA with 100% (no-coinsurance) paid on eligible medical expenses.
  • Important: IMG offers an “Accumulative Family Deductible” equal to 2 times the individual deductible.

Insurance is a matter of economics. Renewal rates are factored upon the amount of premiums received versus the claims that are paid out. Simply put…claims drive renewal rates!

It is no secret that USA medical treatment is expensive vs. treatment in many places overseas. “Obamacare”, HIPPA, the FDA, malpractice and medical liability (un-needed testing) all contribute to runaway costs.

Overseas Incentives – we will discuss this in further detail in future communications. Right now and in the future, if you choose to have your medical treatment overseas requiring an overnight stay in the hospital, your IMG health plan will pay you $400 per night (up to 10 nights per year) to incentivize your decision on where to have your procedures done. This financial incentive is in addition to paying your eligible medical bills per the certificate wording.

Medical Travel Management Benefit

This benefit is designed to reward the insured who elects to receive certain non-emergency medical
procedures overseas where medical care is generally less expensive than in the U.S.
The Medical Travel Management benefit offers the insured person who is contemplating non-emergency
medical treatment in the United States the opportunity to be financially compensated for having that care
rendered by a qualified medical provider(s) outside of the U.S. When treatment is received outside of the
U.S. and outside of the insured’s country of service and there is greater than $10,000 cost savings to the
Plan, the insured will personally share in any cost savings that is realized. The cost savings are calculated
using the average U.S. cost of the medical service compared to the actual costs of the medical procedure
and associated medical travel costs performed by the non-US based provider(s).

Meanwhile while inside the USA…

Special Benefit When Using the USA Medical Concierge Service:

When the Insured Person obtains Treatment and incurs Eligible Medical Expenses from a Physician, other healthcare
provider or Hospital chosen by the Insured Person through use of IMG’s USA Medical Concierge Service, irrespective of
whether the provider is within the US PPO Network – The Company will:

— After the Deductible, the plan will pay 85% of all Eligible Medical Expenses up to US $5,000, then 100% to the Maximum Limit per Insured Person, per Calendar Year. In order to qualify for these enhanced benefits, the Insured must contact the Company immediately upon the recommendation by a healthcare provider that the Insured Person seek any of the following Treatments:

-In-Patient Treatment or Surgery in Hospital

-Out-Patient Surgery

-CAT and MRI scans, Echocardiography, Endoscopy, Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy and Cytoscopy

-Home nursing care

-Care in a hospice, Extended Care Facility or rehabilitation facility

-Receiving Covered Transplant Treatment or supplies

Contact the Company as soon as possible PRIOR to the scheduling of Treatment as follows:

Telephone (USA): +1 877-654-6229 (Toll Free within the USA) or Email:

Feel free to contact Melissa or me:

Craig Robinson—Managing General Agent
719-573-9080 ext. 101
Skype- craig.robinson-ici

Contact Craig with any insurance questions on benefits or additional coverage

Melissa Hinckfoot—Client Relations
719-573-9080 ext. 104
Skype- melissa.hinckfoot

Contact Melissa with any claims, refunds, administration issues, or general insurance questions