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Dear Antioch Global Field Staff,

Here is a question we often receive.
Pre-Certification – What is it? When do I have to use it?

Let’s begin with the fact that every insurance carrier requires some level of pre-certification. IMG is no
different. The situations for which you need to pre-certify (overseas or in the USA) are:
• An inpatient/hospital stay.
• Surgery or Surgical Procedure
• Treatment in an extended stay facility
• Any Nursing Home Care
• Durable Medical Equipment
• Artificial Limbs
• Covered Transplant Treatment
• Maternity Pre-certification Requirements:
o High-Risk Pregnancy
o Multiple Births

Does pre-certification guarantee payment of my medical bills?
Under the Terms of your insurance plan, pre-certification is only a determination of Medical Necessity, and all
such determinations are made in reliance on the completeness and accuracy of the information provided by you
and your health care providers at the time of pre-certification. In your Certificate, the Company has reserved the
right to challenge or revoke ACM’s determination of Medical Necessity based upon subsequent information
obtained. Please review your Certificate Wording for details.
Please be advised that pre-certification is neither an assurance or authorization of coverage, a verification of
eligible benefits, or a guaranty of payment, nor is it a denial of such matters.

If pre-certification requirements are not met there will be a Maximum Penalty of $1,000 with a 50%
reduction of Eligible Medical Expenses.

How do I pre-certify?
To comply with the Pre-certification requirements of this insurance the Insured Person or his/her Physician
or healthcare provider must:
(a) contact the Company through the Plan Administrator at the telephone numbers printed on the ID card,
as soon as possible and before the Treatment or supply is to be obtained, as follows:

Inside the United States: +1-800-628-4664 E-mail:
Outside the United States: +1-317-655-4500 (Collect if necessary)
Website: (your client portal).

For transplant Pre-certification, contact the Company through the Plan Administrator as soon as possible
but always within seventy-two (72) hours of becoming a candidate for a Covered Transplant; and
(b) comply with the instructions of the Company and submit any information or documents required by the
Company; and
(c) notify all Physicians, Hospitals and other healthcare providers that this insurance contains Pre-certification requirements
*In the event of an Emergency Hospital admission, Pre-certification must be
completed within forty-eight (48) hours after the admission, or as soon as is reasonably possible.
This is a brief overview of the pre-certification process. More information can be found in the attached
brochure and in the certificate wording of your policy (found on your MyIMG portal).

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