Antioch Global Wellness Benefits

Dear Antioch Global Field Staff,

“An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor away!” For that matter let’s throw in a serving of broccoli too!

In today’s world, you really cannot afford to be sick. The downtime away from work, from family members
who depend on you, and the cost of a lengthy illness make it imperative you stay healthy!
What is the definition of a “wellness benefit”? A procedure that is not medically necessary. Annual
physicals, immunizations, check-ups, pap smears are all part of preventative medicine designed to catch
potential health problems early.

Your IMG group health plan allows for you to spend up to $1000 per person every 12 months for wellness
• This does not apply towards your deductible, there is no special claim form, and no pre-approval.
• You can use it overseas or in the USA.
• You can use it immediately as there are no waiting periods for a new employee.
• IMPORTANT- The 12 months starts on the date of your first wellness visit. So, if you use all of your
benefit on December 1st, you cannot use it again until the following December.
• If you have each member of your family getting a wellness check-up at different times of the year,
you will want to keep a record of each member’s dates for future visits.
Remember, if you are not healthy…you cannot be used to your maximum potential! Stay Healthy!

Your main point of contact at IMG:

Customer Care Department: 800-628-4664 or 317-655-4500 (collect if needed)

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