Airline Pilot Global Health Insurance

Worldwide Comprehensive Health Insurance for Pilots

Airline pilot InsuranceFeaturing US $ 5,000,000 World Wide Medical Coverage for Pilots and families globally with Hereditary, Pre-existing, Congenital and Chronic conditions covered. Also provided are Air Ambulance and Emergency Medical Evacuation benefits with free coverage for children up to 19 years of age and student rates from 19 to 23 years of age.

Baymac Management Services Ltd. is an international aviation management consultancy firm specializing in providing turn-key management solutions for companies and individuals within the aviation industry.

Baymac and its partners provide management services to aviation industry organizations and professionals, strategic thinking, airline business development, fuel and operational efficiency programs, and access to aviation legal services globally. Baymac also provides advice to aviation professionals on human resource benefit packages for industry professionals.

Baymac has a Professional Aviation Members Association and offers member services to aviation professionals including pilots, flight attendants, aircraft engineers and air traffic controllers. Services include provision of information on current aviation events, matters of interests to aviation professionals and access to third party services and opportunities. Baymac’s Professional Member Services are only available for paid up members.


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Superior Coverage

US $ 5,000,000 worldwide coverage

Student Rates available

For young adults up to the age of 23

No medical underwriting

No medical underwriting or medical tests required for pilots under 63 years of age.

Post Retirement Benefits

Post Retirement Benefits available (subject to the laws of your home country)

No Lock-in Period

No requirement to commit to a full policy year.

Not a Top Up Plan

Not subject to employers medical scheme.

Emergency Medical Evacuation
Children Free

Children up to the age of 19 are included

Hereditary Conditions Covered
Pre-existing Conditions